Asa Byron (my mother) and Reykjavik Harbour, 1945

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Asa, Reykavik Harbour, 1945
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Picture (left) - My father evidently took this snap (Reykjavik, 1945), as three Icelandic women (including my mother) date three RAF servicemen (including my father). From such things can Brians be made.
Picture (right) - The Flying Sunderland includes a certain Philip William Pearce (RAF serviceman) amongst its passengers. He took this picture as the plane approached for a "landing" on the waters of Reykjavik Harbour (Oct.1945 approx).

My mother (centre) - Reykjavik,Iceland - 1945

Iceland may have been a "cold" posting for Allied servicemen, but when it came to partying, it was "hot". But the first foreign soldiers on Icelandic soil in WW2 were actually Germans. My mother "shuddered" at the sight of them. Fortunately, the British came and rounded all the Germans up. Then came the Americans. Then came the parties, with Glenn Miller's music the most popular sound around.

View from Flying Sunderland

Imagine being on a plane.... then being told to look at that water in the harbour... "...that's where we're going to land!"