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Most of my life is made up of nothing years where the soul sleeps and the heart is insulated from the wider world of people, but each decade of my life has produced a period where the soul awakens and nothingness is swept away.
In the mid 1970's, I reached the heights of one of these periods. From the age of 19 I built a large network of friends and love rose and fell with vibrancy.
But it was all puppy love until Judi.
What sort of music did I like in the Seventies?

My houseparty c.April 1994
Jane Eyre (left), my sister Diana (forefront), Neil Thurgood. Sorry, can't remember other names.

Jane Eyre at Hatfield Forest
I love this picture. During the months we were dating I would often moon over this picture.

Castle Gardens, Bishops' Stortford - Summer, 1974
Jane and Brian. No, that pram and baby is not ours. Jane was baby minding.

Promenading South Street every Saturday afternoon
Checking out girls and friends. Here is Arthur, Neal, Boo, Bob Finch, Graeme and can't remember.

Neal Thurgood party c.March, 1975
I was intent on getting Judi to be my partner after two weeks of growing attraction. So was she.

Judi and Brian, 1975
The love between Judi and I was beautiful, golden and highly volatile for the soul.

Judi with her brother
Judi gave me this picture, but it might date back to 1971 (when she was 13)

Heading to London to see 'Tommy' 1975
Me (left) with my 'Tom Baker' Dr Who look and Pete Cox with Julie

Judi sitting in Hyde Park on 'Tommy' trip
I took a picture of Judi as our crowd basked in the sun.

Brian sitting in Hyde Park on 'Tommy' trip
Judi took a picture of me while our crowd basked in the sun

Brian outside home (Coronation Road, B. Stortford)
Not so enthusiastic to step outside so my sister can take a picture of me.