Labyrinth Busker Journal - Brian Robert Pearce

Dust Devils and Llamas

dust devil sweeping along Mars surface

Israeli special forces using llamas
Hi Mead! Having experienced a spitting attack by a llama I can conclude it is more embarrassing than harmful. My idea is that ISF would operate behind enemy lines - and they would be vulnerable to friendly fire if a recon drone or aircraft spotted them. The ISF would be operating secretly, so the bulk of Israeli forces would be unaware of their location and purpose. So orders to ignore llamas, or creatures that looked like them, could be issued to the non-initiated.
more llamas report for duty
Meanwhile, take a look at the pictures (attached) I got from a Nasa website. Dust devils seem to be naturally occurring events on Mars - and they come occur in massive form or mini form. But the fact that they create static electricity bigtime leads to that old question, "Is there life on Mars?"
"Could there be intelligent life on Mars?"
The actual size of this life might be small (insect size) - and it may exist below ground. But it could use dust devils to acquire power along paths that are gridded to capture and store the electrical power generated. The smaller ones may even be caused by what would be the equivalent to our aircraft. Perhaps they do both at once. Travel by 'air' while simultaneously recharging their grid.
Take a look at the end part of the 'dust devil' clip. There almost seems to be an object speeding along in front of it.
Well, that's my flight of fancy for the day.
tracks of dust devils on Mars