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The LBJ was handwritten 'on the road' between 1996 and 2000. It consists of 55 books. THINGS WE MUST DO is the first of these. It is a ruthless examination of my life as a busker and it can be viewed as a historical document, because my life is different now. This means that whatever entries were made in the journal should be left intact, because editing will distort the history. Any naivety, fallibility or inaccuracy on my part (or another's) should not be edited out just to make myself ( or another) look good. The LBJ has the potential to stand the test of time and strengthen with each passing decade, because it concentrates on meanings and people in a timeless fashion. It could be transposed onto many backgrounds: in history or the future...on this world or others. The media rarely imposes itself on the journal. Few of the principle characters had televisions. Few wanted one. Even fewer would spend too long sitting around watching one. Life was more interesting than that. People were more interesting than that.
 It is the day to day life of a person whose credit card is his guitar and whatever love others may bear him. He seeks to spread his music and his love as widely as possible. But he is effectively homeless and a strong part of him is happy to be so -  accepting the likelihood that his luck will run out one day to see him dying quietly in some foreign land.
The LBJ documents the story and the thought processes that led to a choice that had to be made, because a possibility had opened up: Does he surrender everything he is and everyone he loves for that one person he loves above all - his daughter?

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