Here is the answer:

   9    5
     6  4  7
    3  9     for me

     6   no whole number  7
     5               7           no whole number
   4                        6              8                                                               for Kat

    Reminder: Kat's birth numbers are:    6    7
                                                            4    8

    The numbers I need for balancing are 4, 6 and 7
    Kat can not balance between 'inevitable sequences' ie. Fate  and her view of family
    She can not balance between her view of family and her magnetism to be unconditionally loved
   She can balance herself between Fate and her ability to be unconditionally loved by placing a family concept onto it
   She can balance herself between Fate and her ability to unconditionally love by the sense that she is unconditionally loved
   She needs someone to balance her magnetism and unconditional attraction...someone who can place a family concept onto it
   She can not balance herself (no whole number) between unconditional attraction and family concept.
   In summary: she has three points that can not be balanced - two points she can balance within herself - one point where outside influence is crucial.

  In contrast, I balance myself between Fate and my magnetism - but otherwise, I require outside influence to balance all my remaining five points.
  Point 1: Kat's 4 balances my idea of unconditional attraction and family concept
  Point 2 and 3: Kat's 7 balances my confidence in Fate, special bonds (family concepts) and my magnetism
  Point 4 and 5: Kat's 6 balances my confidence that Fate will make possible unconditional love and that I should have faith in such a thing

  On the other hand, it also means that Kat may balance my impulses and understand them better than me. This would make my 5 (which balances her unconditional love potentials) a crucial issue to unravel.