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Apache John
11.00am - 2nd May 2010:
at the
Stortford Music Festival 2010 

St Mary’s Roman Catholic School Field, Windhill,, Bishop’s Stortford, Herts., London and South East CM23 2NQ - TBC

STORTFORD MUSIC FESTIVAL SATURDAY 1ST AND SUNDAY 2ND MAY 2010 Stortford Music Festival is a small, friendly festival, which is held on the fields of St. Mary’s Catholic School in Bishop’s Stortford. It is based on a single outdoor site, which this year comprises three stages, a Main stage, an Acoustic Marquee and a Rock/Indie Marquee, with smaller stages planned for other events. A full programme of events will be held on the Saturday (from 11.00am to 11.00 p.m.) and the Sunday (from 11.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m), with music starting an hour after opening. Many stalls & sideshows. We’re @ The Acoustic Marquee 11.20 am
10th Stortford Music Festival

"Gaoler, bring me water" performed by the Apache John Band:
 Watch it here.
GIG GUIDE (forthcoming gigs for Apache John)


Biography: Apache John Band

During 2005 Apache John, his wife Amazon Jan and his sister Effie, began to work on a musical project to present to The Waltham Abbey folk Club during Halloween that year. Joined by Effie's husband Buzz the Poet and John's long time friend "Wailing Mike Forbes", they all set about to stage a short musical based on the Thomas Hardy poem/playlet "Friends Beyond." The performance of this never came to materialise as nearly everybody involved was struck down by a virulent bout of influenza.

However, undaunted by this, they continued to rehearse self penned songs and poetry set to music which they staged at Waltham Abbey. However, Buzz suffered a major illness during the early months of 2006 and both he and Effie pulled out of the project which had the working title "The Bracken Brakes."

John, Jan and Mike continued rehearsing under the 'work in progress' name, "Le Verse Cafe." A collective decision was made shortly afterwards that John would 'front' the band. It was decided that John, who was nicknamed 'Apache' at his place of work, should use this as a banner. From then on, the project became known collectively as "Apache John".

Apache John made their first stage appearance at The Cramphorn Theatre, Chelmsford, in December 2006, to an audience of approximately 180 people and played "Coconut Licqueur", "Canada Dry" and "The Big Issue".

2007 was a busy period with lots of assignments and the band gained much in the way of experience and positive acclamation.

Wailing Mike Forbes left the band in January 2008 and was replaced for a short while by Keef (Scalpy) Jackman` who comperes The  Acoustic Club in Bishop's Stortford, Herts.
Keef left the band in March 2008 for reasons of overcomittment.

Houseboat Andi and Joss-Stick Julia from the Blackfoot Tribe from the isolated wilds of Essex have since joined the band. Andi's main instrument is electro ukulele, whilst Joss-Stick Julia from the Blackfoot Tribe contributes with pipes, percussion and backing vocals. All of this is a welcome innovation which complements John's guitar driven husky voiced songs and Jan's rhythmic tubano drum. 

Band news
Video: Apache John Live (Accoustic Club, Bishop's Stortford)

About Apache John
About Jan
About Houseboat Andi
About Joss Stick Julia from the Blackfoot tribe
Video: "I bowed down to the Green Man"
Video: Coconut Liqueur
GIG GUIDE (forthcoming gigs for Apache John)
Gig reviews
Song reviews
Apache John Blog
Former members
Labyrinth Busker Journal
Apache John     Amazon Jan
Apache John                           Amazon Jan
Andi   Julia
Houseboat Andi                                  Joss-stick  Julia



Unfortunately, Keef (Scalpy) has had to pull out of the band due to over-commitments. He fitted in very well for the short time he was with us and shall be sorely missed. In the meantime, we are rehearsing with close friends Andi (on ukelele and guitar) and Julia (on flutes and percussion). Both myself and Jan feel right choices have been made and are very confident that we shall be ready to play The Hollybush at Enfield on Thursday May 1st, if not somewhere sooner.        Top

About Apache John:
I spent a significant percentage of my childhood and teens at my Grandparents' Croft on The Isle of Skye. Much of the images presented in my songs originate from those prolonged Summer visits to the Inner Hebrides. My interest in music began in 1962, when as a boy, I heard the song 'Oh My Darling Clementine' sung at a Boy Scout Campfire. The combination of melody and lyrics moved me to my very soul. I was determined from then on to use melody as a vehicle for story stelling. I was a young boy then and did not understand that 'Clementine' was meant to be tongue-in-cheek. I took it very seriously at the time. A few weeks later I was given a couple of 78 RPM Lonnie Donegan singles by someone who felt pity on a young boy who had no records to listen to other than his parents 'Scotland A Go-Go' LP. The Lonnie Donegan singles changed the world for me! Tom Dooley/Rock 'O' My Soul/ The Grand Coolie Dam & Nobody Loves Like An Irish Man were nearly all stories put to melody! My parents bought me an old jazz guitar with f-holes and I started to learn a few chords. The first song I wrote was called 'Auntie Nell Made A Smell'. Three years later in 1965 I was watching a TV pop program called 'Ready Steady Go' and came across a young folk singer called Donovan who I perceived to be performing the same type of songs as Lonnie Donegan. I was totally blown away because this was my type of music! I quickly found out about Dylan and became very excited when I came across songs such as 'With God On our Side' and 'Mr Tambourineman' and as a consequence of this, I deluded myself into thinking that had I been older these would have been the very songs I'd have written myself! It was so unfair being so young! Anyway, that's how it felt at the time! In 1973 I performed one of my own songs on a London Broadcasting Radio Show hosted by Jimmy Saville. As well as writing more songs than I can perhaps remember, I fronted The G String Skiffle Band in the Eighties (the brainchild of fellow Song Writer, Len Abraham) and we played extensively through The East Midlands and quite regularily at the coalmining clubs in places such as Mansfield. The Band was televised performing live with Noddy Holder on London Weekend Television in 1986. Later that year the BBC featured the band performing another of my songs on the streets of London. Today, with the help of my wife 'Amazon Jan', and the musicianship of 'Andi and Julia', the new members of our band, we aspire to bring an acoustic, raw sound, reflecting our musical, emotional and social history.

About Jan
Jan’s childhood manor was Lower Edmonton in North London and she grew up a ‘chick’ of The Beat Generation, who haunted the jazz clubs and bohemian bars.
She was in the enviable position, in those days, to have seen the evolution of embryonic bands such as The Rolling Stones and watch them live on stage.
Her interest in music is eclectic and as well as writing powerful, sensitive songs, which she sometimes fronts in the band, she provides miscellaneous percussion including congita and tubano drums.

About Houseboat Andi
Andi was born in the Sixties in a suburb of Leeds, his
family moved to the North East coast when he was 18
months old, then to the South East aged 14. In 1998,
circumstances demanded that he find a cheap way to live,
so he bought a narrow boat. His pride and joy (at the
time) was a 45 footer, moored on the River Lea. He was
there for just under 5 years, and loved every minute of
being a ‘River Gipsy’.
He met Julia, who was to become his wife in 2002. They
moved to rural North West Essex the following year and
set up the ‘Music Room’; a converted bedroom. He was
introduced to the variety of acoustic music by Julia,
and her family. Having played guitar since the age of 8,
his music became more sedate, using such tribal
instruments as the ‘Gopi Chanter’ and ’Dulcimer’, as
well as hand drums and djembe. This formed a good
grounding for playing the ukulele, and being able to
‘feel’ the instrument.

About Joss Stick Julia from the Blackfoot Tribe
I think this is where I'm supposed to write a bit about me,
and about the band. Well, I was born in Sowf London town,
but have a varied ancestry, predominantly Celtic (Valleys
of south Wales from my mother's side, Ireland and the
Devon/Cornwall border on my father's side (have traced this
back as far as the 12th century) with a smattering of
Native American Blackfoot on my mother's side as well. I'm
Pagan, and follow the Celtic Shamanic path, honouring the
land, creatures, ancestors, and Gods and Goddesses that are
a living part of the land of my birth. I have a passion for
shamanic drumming, and have quite a collection of wonderful
drums, including some very special and dear to me. These
drums are named, and include The Unicorn drum, (my first
ever proper drum which is actually a Bodhran, and was hand
decorated for me with a Celtic Unicorn design), Pony,
(found lying forlorn and unloved on the floor of an antique
market), and Buffalo, (Octagonal Native American frame drum
as used by the Blackfoot nation). The Unicorn drum is a
very fickle drum, a bit worn and battered now, and only
likes to come out and play on a hot sunny day. Any other
time, you can forget it!! Buffalo is so named for it's
size, strength, and powerful booming voice. And little Pony
is what I'd describe as the good old reliable cart
horse.... tatty and worn, unremarkable to look at, and
without the great voices of many of it's companions, but
little Pony is the most practical, reliable, faithful drum
I possess. . I'm passionate about animals, and animal
welfare, and apart from our own ten cats and two dogs I am
the Co-Ordinator and Welfare Officer for our local branch
of Cats Protection. I have been involved in rescue for 11
years now, a work that was triggered by a very special cat
called Dylan, but that's another story! Started my rescue
work while still living in London, and was known as one to
be kept "On The Streets"!! I was once offered a job
tracking and rescuing wild cats at a sanctuary in Belize,
which would've been a terrific opportunity, but with so
many animals of my own I didn't think it fair on them to
fly them all that way. All our own animals are rescued, and
I try to help wherever I can outside of Cats Protection,
adding my voice for the voiceless wherever needed.
Naturally, I'm vegetarian!! We have two dogs, Harry and
Ellie. Harry came from a rescue centre in Kent. He's a
great character with a bark that sounds like he's on 40
Woodbines a day. Ellie came from a dog pound in
Huddersfield and was rescued by the wonderful Doris Banham
Rescue when her 7 days were up and she was due to be put to
sleep. Ellie is.., well, Ellie's huge!!! But also extremely
soppy and gentle. My musical interests are varied, from
Rock and Blues to folk, psychedelic, and New Age. Early
influences included Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, The Doors,
then later on, Gong, Hawkwind, and many bands from the Free
Festival scene of the '80s, and in recent years bands and
artists with something to say, such as Seize The Day,
Carolyn Hillier and Nigel Shaw, (Thanks to Nigel for great
advice on whistles), and of course, the fantastic rockin'
Maria Daines, the one with the voice for the voiceless!!!!!
I met my husband, Andi, when he was a "River Gypsy", living
on his narrowboat, "Samandi Freedom". We got married in
2005, and we now live in the country with stepson Sam and
our animals. I dabble in artwork and crafts from time to
time, and make such things as Shamanic drum beaters,
Goddess sculptures, incenses and oils, and mobiles from
natural things I find while out and about in the woods and
fields. Andi and I joined the band earlier this year, and
love being a a part of it! My role within the band is
possibly the most varied. I mainly play the whistle, but
also provide additional vocals, and play various
percussion, be it rain stick, rattle, bells or drum! I also
now play the Kiowa, a Native American flute which I hope to
introduce within the band soon. Apache John and Amazon Jan
are not just great musicians but wonderful, warm, lovely
people who I'm proud to call friends. John has a rare gift
with his songwriting, and Jan is a veritable powerhouse on
her drum, the Tubano. To my mind, The Apache John Band is a
unique fusion of blues, folk and late 60's psychadelia.
Sometimes theatrical, sometimes dark and moody, sometimes
amusing, a band that carries the spirit of the festival
with songs and music that can be sung and played around a
camp fire as easily as on any stage.

Labyrinth Busker Journal
The-Muzic Song Reviews:

1) Kris Hoddle (THe-Muzic) on "The Sunshine Boy" posted 18/4/06
Acoustic offering with some raw bluesy harp that can't help but bring up images of Dylan and Neil Young. Think the voice probably lies somewhere in between, but carries off a nice tune well. Could see this performed in a smokey (I WISH!!) pub somewhere, but then I could also see it on a glorious day at a huge folk festival with the crowd swaying and singing along. Kind of Led Zep feel at times, which is always nice to hear.


2)  "The Grey Lady" The-Muzic
 piedpiperrecords, posted 18/04/08 23:46:40
A very interesting mix of americana and folk. Definitely an early Dylan and Leonard Cohen influence here. Obviously rough recordings, with some production this would be an accessible tune.

kris_hoddle, posted 16/04/08 14:34:41
Some more superbly played folk that lets a great little tune breath with much life and vibrancy. Think this is my favourite Apache tune so far, it just sounds classic. Dunno if it is an old folk standard reworked, but sounds like it should be. Great tune, and a cool little story that really brightened up my Wednesday afternoon. I think the Dylan comparisons are inevitable with this kind of stuff, just like a classic rock band is going to be compared to AC/DC or Guns N Roses, but for me this tune really does sound British, and reminds me of any number of classic folk stuff from this fair Island. I bet this goes down really well live and I think this artist deserves to be playing this to a very packed room too. Great stuff.

talulaspace, posted 11/04/08 22:04:52
I like the intro to The Grey Lady. Great lead vocals, and instrumentals. A soothing melody with good lyrics.

3) "Hot Skiffle" The-Muzic
sparkster, posted 13/04/08 03:03:58
I found this quite enjoyable at first and it's a little different from most tracks of this genre, though still retains that authenttic country sound. Good rhythm and a fairly well performed vocal melody.

4) "The Secret Place" The-Muzic
lovelaura1, posted 10/04/08 18:16:22
The instruments used in this song sound beautiful. The song grew on me the more I listened to it. Enjoyable if you like acoustic music.

GreenMe, posted 24/04/08 17:46:47
 this song rocks i love acousitc songs =]
and acoustic always goes with flowers its a hippie thing
id deffo buy this song =]
get it released soon lol

ghosty, posted 27/04/08 15:53:44
the introduction of the guitar makes you feel very relaxed and pay more attention to the lyrics due to the way the guitar expresses the song. yea i think this tune would appeal to easy listeners

5) "Snakebite Burt" The-Muzic
posted 25/03/08 15:03:34
This is an artist I adore. Folk music stripped to the bare ****. 'John gives us a glimpse of world either he has created or had lived himself. Either way, the whole composition takes you away to where ever the "Apache" takes you.
I feel safe inside whenever i hear good folk music.

kris_hoddle, posted 21/04/08 13:47:34
Don't think I've reviewed this one by Apache John. Apart from the Dylan-esque harp this sounds very English, which is great. .....
I like this artist a lot...

6) "Wot Use To Me Is Your Love?" The-Muzic
kev mantle, posted 17/04/08 09:00:44
really enjoyed the song, quirky and funny although i expect some bitterness in the lyrics?
Backed by a good blues riff and some husky vocals and of coure fine bluesy harmonica!!! another slice of life from apache john!

kris_hoddle, posted 22/04/08 14:07:04
Catchy little acoustic tune that lives up to the high expectations seeing this artist's name gives rise to. The vibe is a little Arlo Guthrie crossed with some class British folk, even protest stuff like Billy Bragg, and a great vocal delivery makes this another The-Muzic hit for Apache John. Didn't really like stuff like this before I heard Apache John. I'd love to see him getting signed from here!!!
femmina, posted 11/04/08 04:33:00
Nice mellow blues song with the harmonica, but I like how it's not all depressing. It seems like the song's more hopeful, which is a refreshing vibe.

7)  Coconut Licqueur  The-Muzic
ghosty, posted 14/04/08 13:30:01

kris_hoddle, posted 13/04/08 04:46:41
Voice that sounds somewhere between Dylan and Rod Stewart.....with work and a great production could be an interesting artist to see with a record deal nowadays.

talulaspace, posted 10/04/08 22:15:15
This is a nice acoustic song..... Great melody with nice harmonica playing.

8)  Streets of Old Highway   the-muzic
Kigga: posted 21/06/08 11:24:37
Great song by a great singer,songwriter close your eyes and you could be back in the era of the young bob dylan and the summer of love!
Very well structured and fantastic lyrics ....great stuff!!!  "

skulldragon3200, posted 02/09/08 18:03:44
A pretty nice sounding song. I especially loved the guitar work and I really loved to listen to that harmonica playing as that is a rare listen in music now a days. I really loved the song and would love to hear your full album.

9) Out in the wilds the-muzic
sparkster, posted 10/09/08 23:31:52
This seems to have a very strong British feel and style about it, which I love. The highlight of the track has to the vocals and the rough quality of the singers voice, which I was taken aback by pretty much straight away. I don't think this is particularly original or that different but it has a great melodic, memorable melody which is pretty catchy and the song grew on me a lot as it went on.

10)  The Merchant
"Unsigned Radio Show",Brighton, posted 05/08/08 10:08:19

Great new song man.
Any chance you could get down for a live session on the
show? Would really love to have you on.


200 Club
The Hollybush, 200 Lancaster Rd, Enfield EN2 0JH
Cost : £2

19.45 - 1st May, 2008
Write a review or give feedback

MySpace Blog from 200 Club, Enfield, Posted May 3rd 2008;
and response from Richard Staines:-
Apache John's new line up works really well, adding uke and
penny whistle give the songs an extra dimension without
losing the laid back sparse charm they undoubtedly posses.

Richard Staines
"I agree with that.
The uke softens the sound to Apache John and their
"Sunshine Boy" was amazing - very atmospheric and
psychedelic even."

10th Stortford Music Festival (3rd/4th May)
Stansted Airport
14.00 - 4th May, 2008
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18 May 2008, 20:00 - The Crown & Treaty, Uxbridge, Middx
90 Oxford Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex
Uxbridge,, London and South East UB8 1LU
Description:THE UNSIGNED TREATY SESSIONS, hosted by Michelle Nicholls. Acoustic evening with two featured acts (including Apache John) & open mike.
Write a review or give feedback

31 May 2008, 20:00 - The Plough Inn, Walthamstow
173 Wood Street, Walthamstow, London
London, London and South East E17
Description:All day pub charity event. Walthamstow Folk Club hosting a ’Come All Ye..’ in the garden. 2pm -6.30pm
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The Acoustic Club
Bishop's Stortford
20.45 - 5th June, 2008
Write a review or give feedback

Chingford Festival
12.00 - 28th June, 2008
Write a review or give feedback

The Last Monday Club
20.00 - 30th June, 2008
Write a review or give feedback

The Pumphouse Theatre and Arts Centre
20.00 - 15th July, 2008
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The Acoustic Club
The Half Moon, North Street
Bishop's Stortford
Thurs 14th Aug 2008, On Stage at 9.50pm

St Annes Castle
11.00 - 24th August, 2008
Hatfield Forest (Woodfest) Festival of Woodcraft
Takeley, (Near Stansted Airport) Essex,
Saturday 6th Sept, 2008
On Stage at 1pm

Small Intimate weekend festival set in the heart of the Forest
Fun for all the family and chidlren's activities including wood modeling and face painting. 10am to 5pm (arrive anytime) Free entry (small charge for some activities). Further details from: 01279 870678

Harrow Museum and Heritage Centre
12.30 - 23rd November, 2008

Blog:- The Durell Arms, Fulham, London, SW6 5SB
"We were
made very welcome last Sunday (27th July) by Elliot Shand (Mouth Piece Promotions) and played a 30 minute set to a very responsive audience in an enclave within the setting of this neo classical pub with its sturdy tables and leather loungers. The soundman (Mike) was excellent in his care and attention to detail. We would apologize for not accrediting him at the end of our set."

Radio Hertbeat 106.7 and 106.9 FM "Unearthed show"
21.00 - 4th August, 2008
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The Pumphouse Theatre and Arts Centre
Saturday 28/02/09   7:30 PM

GIG GUIDE    top

Recently completed gigs
19 Feb 2009 St Annes Castle, Great Leighs, Essex
26 Feb 2009 The Accoustic Club, Bishop's Stortford
28 Feb 2009 Benefit Gig For Doris Banham Dog Rescue Centre @
The Pumphouse Theatre and Arts Centre
22 Mar 2009
The Alexandra, 14 Clapham Common South Side, London, SW4 7AA
8 May 2009 The British Queen, Meldreth, Herts.
12 May 2009 The Old Bell Inn, Sawbridgeworth, Herts.
14 May 2009 Voices Of Experience 
London SE27 9BW

4th June 2009
The Blue Ball
Grantchester, Cambs
5th June 2009
Cambridge Folk Club
12th June 2009
Kontra Roots Club
Finedon, Northants
27th June 2009
Chingford Festival
28th June 2009
The Alexandra,
14 Clapham Common South Side, London, SW4 7AA
5th July 2009
Music in the Park
Harlow, Essex
11th July 2009
Bedfordshire County Show
Near biggleswade, Midlands
12th July 2009
Bedfordshire County Show
Near biggleswade, Midlands
14th July 2009
The Old Bell Inn
Sawbridgeworth, Herts
25th July 2009
Bishop's Stortford Working Men's Club
Bishop's Stortford, Herts
26th July 2009
Celebrate our Community Festival
Cedar Park
Waltham Cross, Essex
16th August 2009
The Old Bell Inn Festival
Sawbridgeworth, Herts
12th September 2009
Hatfield Forest (Woodfest) Festival
Takeley, Essex
11th October 2009
The Cricketers
20 Fairfield South, Kingston upon Thames, London KT1 2UL
16th October 2009
The British Queen
Meldreth, Herts
27th October 2009
The Old Bell Inn Festival
Sawbridgeworth, Herts
5th December 2009
Tottenham Chances Club
Tottenham, London
19th January
The Old Bell Inn, 38 Bell Street, Sawbridgeworth  (Tel: 01279 836003).
Entry is FREE!
26th January, 2010
The Apache John Band is the guest band, headlining the Watford OpenMic
The Pumphouse Theatre and Arts Centre, Local Board Road, Lower High Street, Watford on Tuesday 26th January at 8.00pm (Tel: 07846 454507).

Entry is £3.
30th January
Apache John Band is playing at
Bridge House 2, Bidder Street, Canning Town  (Tel: 020 7474 3200).

Along with the amazing "Hoaxwind" we are supporting "GUNSLINGER" (featuring the legendary Alan Davey).

Entry is £10.

7th February 2010
Harrow Museum & Heritage Festival
Harrow, London

2nd May

7th May

20th May

27th May

28th May

26th June

4th June

10th July

17th July

8th August

24th October










Stortford Music Festival 2010 
St Mary’s Roman Catholic School Field, Windhill,, Bishop’s Stortford, Herts., London and South East CM23 2NQ - TBC

STORTFORD MUSIC FESTIVAL SATURDAY 1ST AND SUNDAY 2ND MAY 2010 Stortford Music Festival is a small, friendly festival, which is held on the fields of St. Mary’s Catholic School in Bishop’s Stortford. It is based on a single outdoor site, which this year comprises three stages, a Main stage, an Acoustic Marquee and a Rock/Indie Marquee, with smaller stages planned for other events. A full programme of events will be held on the Saturday (from 11.00am to 11.00 p.m.) and the Sunday (from 11.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m), with music starting an hour after opening. Many stalls & sideshows. We’re @ The Acoustic Marquee 11.20 am

The British Queen, Meldreth near Royston 
94 High Street, Meldreth, Cambridgeshire, Meldreth, London and South East SG8 6LB - Free

A favourite venue by musicians and audiences alike for its informal, cosy atmosphere.

The Redbourn Folk Club, Redbourn, Herts. 
The Old School Room, The Hollybush Pub, Church End, Redbourn, Herts., Redbourn, London and South East AL3 7DU - £8

Tonight we are proud to be supporting "Reuben’s Train". The club has always maintained a fairly wide ranging music policy featuring traditional and contemporary folk, blues and many of today’s singer-songwriters. Guests have included many well known names from the folk scene, along with lesser known and local performers. The club has also taken an active role in the St Albans Folk Festival and in 2000 featured Jeremy Taylor as their special Festival Guest. 8.30pm - 11.15pm .

The Church Hall behind All Saints Church, Bishop’s Stortford, Herts, London and South East CM23 3ET - TBA

A friendly, mainly acoustic folk club enjoying a wide range of folk music, from Traditional to Modern, with a bit of blues, music-hall and country as an occasional side order. Entry £5.50 or *£6.00 concessions for the unwaged £3.50 Singers nights - £3.00 Licensed Bar at astonishingly good prices!

The Old Bell Inn, Sawbridgeworth, Herts 
38 Bell Street, Sawbridgeworth, Herts., Sawbridgeworth, London and South East CM21 9AN - Free

We’ll be doing at least two hours of songs (with a break in between) at this friendly traditional, village pub.

The Chingford Festival 
The green, Chingford, Chingford, London and South East E4 - Free

All Day Festival. We’re playing The Main Stage @ The Assembly Hall from 3.05 pm. This is a fantastic outdoor and indoor village festival with many stalls, side shows and attractions.

Music In The Park 
Harlowbury School, Watlington Road,Harlow, Old Harlow, London and South East CM17 0DX - TBA

Excellent One Day Music Event

The Hoedown At Sundown 
The Rickyard, Eashing Lane, Godalming, Surrey,, Godalming,, London and South East GU7 2QA - See Below

Evening Festival in aid of Prostate Cancer. Barbecue, Alcoholic & Non Alcoholic refreshments, parking and Limited Camping Facilities in a beautiful environment. TBC 6 pm Evening Festival in aid of Prostate Cancer. Adults (over 18) £35, Children £15, + Concessions

MacFest, MacIntyre School, Wingrave, Bucks. 
MacIntyre School, Wingrave, Bucks., Wingrave Village, London and South East HP22 4PA - Optional £5 Donation At The Door

Day Festival Of Music, Comedy & Dance. Sideshows, Stalls, Raffle, Food, Drinks, Barbecue. We’re On Stage @ 3.30 PM

The Tithe Barn, Harrow Museum & Heritage Centre, 
Headstone Manor, Pinner View, Harrow., Harrow, London and South East HA2 6PX - Free

Popular Sound Engineered (Sunday Music) Venue Starts 12.30 in the afternoon Admission Free

The Tithe Barn, Harrow Museum & Heritage Centre 
Headstone Manor, Pinner View, Harrow., Harrow, London and South East HA2 6PX - Free

Popular Sound Engineered (Sunday Music) Venue Starts 12.30 in the afternoon Admission Free

3rd Dec

Apache John at Chingford Assembly Hall, Chingford Chingford Village Christmas Fayre - Shop, socialise and eat at an evening of 'live music'.
We're headlining on stage at 9.20pm
Live music also at the Vestry Hall. 5pm - 10pm

14th Jan
Apache John at Kontra Roots Club @ Kennedy's Bar, Finedon 8pm - 11pm
Acoustic Roots Venue covering many genres including folk, blues, country, contemporary and world music. Excellent P.A. System & Sound Engineer.
19th Jan
Apache John at Le Petit Parissiene, Camberwell 8.30pm - 11.30pm
A bohemian evening of music and poetry
25th June
Apache John at Chingford Festival, Chingford midday - 6pm


Former members:

Buzz the poet      Keef (Scalpy) Jackman
Buzz the poet          Keef (scalpy) Jackman

Wailing Mike Forbes
Wailing Mike Forbes


Apache john at Myspace

Houseboat Andi and Joss-Stick Julia from the Blackfoot Tribe at Myspace

Friends Beyond by Thomas Hardy
Busker Brian & The East suffolk Coast 1973
Busker Brian & The Mystery Man
To comment on any of these blogs or any other subject on this page:
The Apache John Blog
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Friends Beyond by Thomas Hardy
William Dewy, Tranter Teuben, Farmer Ledlow late at plough,
Robert's kin, and John's, and Ned's,
And the Squire and Lady Susan, lie in Mellstock churchyard now!
"Gone," I call them, gone for good, that group of local hearts and heads;
Yet at mothy curfew-tide,
And at midnight when the noon-heat breathes it back from walls and leads,
They've a way of whispering to me--fellow-wight who yet abide--
In the muted measured note
Of a ripple under archways, or a lone cave's stillicide:
"We have triumphed: this achievement turns the bane to antidote,
Unsuccesses to success,
Many thought-worn eves and morrows to a morrow free of thought.
"No more need we corn and clothing, feel of old terrestial stress:
Chill detraction stirs no sigh;
Fear of death has even bygone us: death gave all that we possess."
W.D.--"Ye mid burn the old bass-viol that I set such value by."
Squire.--"You may hold the manse in fee,
You may wed my spouse, may let my children's memory of me die."
Lady S.--"You may have my rich brocades, my laces; take each household key;
Ransack coffer, desk, bureau;
Quiz the few poor treasures hid there, con the letters kept by me."
Far.--"Ye mid zell my favourite heifer, ye mid let the charlock grow,
Foul the grinterns, give up thrift."
Far. Wife.--"If ye break my best blue china, children, I shan't care or ho."
All.--"We've no wish to hear the tidings, how the people's fortunes shift;
What your daily doings are;
Who are wedded, born, divided; if your lives beat slow or swift.
"Curious not the least are we if our intents you make or mar,
If you quire to our old tune,
If the City stage still passes, if the weirs still roar afar."
--Thus, with very gods' composure, freed those crosses late and soon
Which, in life, the Trine allow
(Why, none witteth), and ignoring all that haps beneath the moon,
William Dewy, Tranter Reuben, Farmer Ledlow late at plough,
Robert's kin, and John's, and Ned's
And the Squire and Lady Susan, murmur mildly to me now

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Busker Brian & The East suffolk Coast 1973
Busker Brian May Be Located On
I'm not sure when I first met Brian. It was almost as if he'd been there forever. He was a year or so behind me at school. So I was aware of him then. When I was in my late teens and early twenties we used to hang around The Star Inn in Bishop's Stortford, the market town on the Hertfordshire - Essex border where we lived. He kind of became family for quite a long while when he became the boyfriend of  my sister Effie. I remember during that time in the early Seventies when eleven of us (including Brian, Effie and myself) set off in a mini bus one February morning to camp out on the cliffs of Dunwich in suffolk. We took it in shifts to go to the pub that evening so that people could 'watch' the mini-bus and equipment, as the locals seemed a little bit hostile at the arrival of a bunch of lively hippies upon their peaceful shores. Later, suitably drunk and endeavouring to pitch the tent, we found that we'd forgotten to take the poles! Some of us slept in the mini-bus whilst others (including myself) slept out on the cliff. I awoke the next morning covered in frost and the handle-bar moutache I sported (which was fashionable at the time) felt like it could be snapped off as it was frozen solid. Later, when we went down onto the beach and looked up to the cliffs we shitted ourselves to see  the mini-bus  parked so precariously upon a jutting overhang about thirty feet or so above the endless Eastern sand and shingle. I have a lot more memories involving Busker Brian, both before 1975 when I left Bishop's Stortford to go and live in Leicester and later, when I returned in 1989. These I'll write down in the near future.

Buskerbrian comment:

That night in Dunwich is something I'll never forget. It's one of those things that spring out as a highlight of your life, because it was so crazy. What were a group of late teens and early twenties headcases doing by going to camp at an exposed beach on the coldest night of the year? It was a beach where, a mile or so out, an entire village had been swallowed by the sea. It was said that you could hear the faint bells of the swallowed church ring beneath the waves at times when conditions were right. We preferred to believe the beach was haunted. It made the experience more compelling. It was a glowing example of a communal spirit, cemented by the guitar and voice of John and the practical efforts of those in the group who had readied provisions and the means to cook them.
It was a night I'll never forget. That makes it brilliant.


Busker Brian & The Mystery Man (listen to this song now)

I searched the net for an old friend recently and came across his site   It was interesting to read about his life and times as a busker travelling in Europe and the U.S.A. It was also bitter-sweet to read and see old photographs of half forgotten friends from many years ago.
I also came across a song that Brian and I wrote together in the summer of 1989. I had suddenly stopped drinking alcohol after twenty years or so of over imbibing and I was in my fourth week into sobriety; I was shaving the stubble off my face and wiping the misting mirror with a towel, when I noticed my reflection. As I stared at the image looking back at me I realised that this person's mental and spiritual growth had been stunted for over two decades because the booze had blocked out and dulled every emotion. I realised then that to all intents and purposes that I was still a teenager living in the body of a man. I just didn't have a clue about anything really - as to what really constituted my political, religious or spiritual beliefs; were the issues I gave lip service to - were they my own beliefs or were they simply the echoes of indoctrination and conditioning handed down from my parents and teachers at school.?
I looked in that mirror and realised I was staring at a mystery man!
That evening I wrote down the words to the song and a few weeks later Busker Brian laid down a melody.
I lost contact with Brian for a couple of years but people told me from time to time they'd seen and heard him play the song at various clubs.
And then one day Brian posted me a demo of the song by unknown session musicians from Port Leith in Dublin. This version of Mystery Man has apparently been distributed internationally on a Country & Western Compilation Album , but I've yet to confirm the accuracy of this statement.
Anyway, this version is currently on the Apache John MySpace Player and I hope you enjoy the song.