Leddrain demo dvd
featuring four music videos

Leddrain is the work of Philip Seibel, a singer/songwriter with an ability to evolve many different and imaginative styles on the guitar. I first met him when I was busking Switzerland in the Summer of 1996. He was around 16 then and we exchanged our self penned songs on my guitar. I was amazed by his talent, but he didn't even have a guitar. So I shed my usual 'on the road loner' tag and agreed to team up for awhile on a busking jaunt. My idea was to get the money he would need for his own guitar. At first, we shared my guitar with the non player taking the hat round. Then we got bongos, but the quest to extract the sword from the stone (get Phil a guitar) proved to be far from simple.
n.b.This story is fully recorded in my diary (Labyrinth Busker journal).
Eventually, we got success - and Phil had his own guitar. He wrote six songs during this period and his talent was flowering.
Within months, he was performing solo gigs in Switzerland. He featured as a best friend and a kind of spiritual son for the rest of the time I kept the diary (until Aug.2000)
My return to England led to losing contact with almost all my friends in Europe - and Philip spent awhile in Barcelona before moving back to his homeland, Germany.
He is now living in Biel, Switzerland.
At the beginning of 2006, Philip contacted me and introduced me to Skype. Through this, I have been able to work with him by putting up a website for his music and generally seeking to expand the web presence of Leddrain:  www.leddrain.net
For more info and further contact details: visit this site or: www.buskerbrian.com
Telephone contact:
Brian Pearce (webmaster and representative for Leddrain) UK (0) 1535 606560
Philip Seibel (singer/songwriter for Leddrain) 0041 765147366