Season Six
Episode 19

Brian Robert Pearce
Brian Pearce busked the streets and bars of Europe between the years 1994 and 2000. In addition he busked in New York while participating in the TIGHTROPE musical, a play written by Ken Post [ with Bonnie Burns].
The journal exists, at present, as approx. 750,000 hand written words formatted in about 55 segments.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a testament to television at its best, as it combines normality with fantasy and plunges a ragtag selection of misfits into a sometimes cohesive, sometimes divisive interaction. The contradictions of the Buffy world are glossed over and sacrificed for the benefit of the story and the inner world of the Scooby gang.

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The Prom - Season Three

A buskerbrian history of time:

Belief, Heaven and Zolar

In the esoteric 'world' of Zolar it was claimed that the Astral plane contained several layers (levels) - and that souls, after death, will eventually ascend to the level where their beliefs become true. What they expected to see is what they see (in essence).

Sarah - the inner memory

The inner memory seems to isolate and calculate dates, or sequences. Maybe even the mutual will to make love is because the inner memories of two people recognise an optimum sequence for a child -even if no child emerges, or is actively wanted by the lovers. The inner memory recognises, all the same, the optimum moment of harmony within its perception of UNIVERSAL sequences

Universe sequences

All this suggests that though the universe is expanding there is also retraction. It is quite likely that the speed of light is variable and it could be possible that time itself can speed up or slow down.
In fact, if time is simply temperature and resultant motion? Then it does speed up and slow down.
The constant 8 has the rule book.

White and Black sheep societies

Antigone chose to openly defy the 'White sheep' laws of her country - and her death brought strong repercussions.
She challenged the belief of society with her own belief.. and death did not remove the idea of her belief. The city had to look at itself - more so, after her death.

The societies within

But the other person and I meet... and the way we respond to each other is via the universe of inner nations within our independent bodies. The oppression and free expression of all these nations will formulate my psyche, and the psyche of the other person.


Her eyes were ready to take control... to bravely dominate and protect... more in the image of a chivalrous knight in shining armour. With souls, gender is not always true to the body.

The inner gender conflict

We are all, whatever our actual gender, a mix of feminine and masculine impulses. This doesn't make the average person gay - not in the slightest. Sexual attraction remains on the opposite sex, yet triggered by conflicting gender impulse.

Mentoring - autism and hurricanes

Autism would render him as a loner, an outsider. There will always be parts of him the world will never see, nor understand.
So, back to the question:
Do you think Bob Dylan is mildly autistic?

Missing Link?

"Humans" invade Earth from Veritas, a broken fragment from their former world.
Evolution by ingestion of 'human' microbes released amongst the cosmic dust
and fragments of two asteroids colliding in space 8.2 million years ago?

Explosive Time

It seems clear to me that the implication of this is that timespeed is also the measure of the activity we term as 'explosion'. Our bodies and the microorganisms that surround us are reliant on explosions occurring at a minimum and maximum rate of time speed.
In addition, all forces and gravitational effects within the universe are caused by this effect of timespeed. Life in the universe can probably be found everywhere.

Mentoring - crusades and psychology

The knowledge of her guardians and her former life saw her face the man down and she only fled into quaking once she was home and safe.

Perhaps you could ask the child how this dreamscape could be used beneficially within his life. It may prepare him for the moment when such knowledge will save his life.

Plato and Socrates debate Beauty

A fly would find our excrement a beautiful thing. The soil we exist on is billions of years of excrement. There is rock that is formed by countless skeletons. Grass is mould. But the individual atoms that form this and everything remain beautiful and untouched.

Mentoring - Light, Heaven and Black holes

For God to be omnipotent, it would indicate an ability akin to 'rocket science' in comparison to a man restricted to walking everywhere. It could be argued that souls whizzing at the speed of light fits this analogy fine.
But can you see the limitations for souls (and God) within that argument?

Jesus? Celtic or Rangers?

The same guy then said, " Jesus will introduce us to the Good Life!"
This fired me further, " What is the Good Life? It seems to me that you need to experience the despair of bad times to appreciate the value of good times. How can you know the difference without this?"

Asperger's Syndrome

Asperger's syndrome is a blessing to the world. It promises the production of the most essential element of a progressive society: the individual.

How old is the Sun?

With temperature receding toward the edge of the solar system, then time will recede accordingly. Therefore the planets are travelling greater distances at radically lower timespeeds than the Sun.

Dust Devils and Llamas

Take a look at the end part of the 'dust devil' clip. There almost seems to be an object speeding along in front of it.

The frontiers of behaviour in war and sectarianism

Even a peace loving philosopher may be tested to the full, as he holds a loaded gun and stares at a member of a rival faction that has murdered his family and loved ones.
The gun is loaded.
The rival faction member is a naked prisoner.
No one is going to stop you from doing what you please with him.

Imagination should outstrip proof

It is a case of visualising beyond what we can see and seeking the questions that may unveil significant answers. It is not the proof of my statement that matters. Rather, it is the journey we undertake to seek such proof. We must see what we see and imagine what we can't see.

Potential to be Hitler or Gandhi

My defining term for conformists are 'White Sheep'. My term for those who have something unique and potentially beneficial to the world that can only be delivered through forms of non-conformity is 'Black Sheep'. Within the mechanism of this (apparently) simple definition is everything from Hitler to Gandhi. It is important to recognise in which camp you should reside, because then it is easier to recognise that one camp needs the other.

Armageddon - outer sphere

There are fantastic websites on the web dealing with suns and planets (not so far from our own) that can excite the imagination of the questor for speculative random theories. Is our solar system an oasis of peace or a default normality?  Is this oasis threatened by events occurring 12 light years away.
Tau Ceti could be the point where an opposing universe is in collision with ours. it seems we could be a mere 12 light years away from a force that threatens our Solar System as we know it.

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